​I knew he was trouble. Deep within. I could smell it all the way from the peak of Mount Kenya but this heart of mine never learns how to keep away from trouble. The minute our eyes locked I knew this man was going to change my life. And change he did, if not for the better. In a way I felt drawn to him, a strong attraction that I could not explain. He made me experience desires, this passion and needs that I had bottled up and hidden them in a dark corner of my heart. After all, those same desires had left me with insanely killer instincts and had it not been for my assistant, I would be serving a life sentence now for murder. Thank God for Liz my loyal assistant who vowed to keep the secret of my transgressions. But how did I get here?

I was looking at my phone in anticipation for a message, a phone call or an email but now I was starting to get restless. This was tiring. Seated at the far end corner of the bar, I wallowed away in isolation, watching people having a good time laughing and here I was all by myself; the lone wolf. In all honesty, I didn’t desire company in the least bit. I hated people because they were all a bunch of shitty beings full of hypocrisy, hate and lies. I never allowed too many close to me. ‘You have to be careful, trust no one,’ daddy always said.

The bar was big but not too fancy with a gray masculine décor and dark brown wooden chairs and tables. You could smell the fresh coat of vanilla paint on the walls. There were four pillars and the chairs and tables were arranged beautifully in such a way that they formed four columns inspired by the pillars. There was good natural lighting as the left side wall was made out of clear glass that allowed you to see moving cars in the highway. During nighttime, they had a purple lighting and would play different genres of music depending on the day of the week. I particularly loved Wednesdays as that is when they would play the golden oldies. There was something about this songs that always lifted my spirits, filled my soul with the purest joys, a happiness so rare I always reminisce about it. I would listen to ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston and remember the day James and I got engaged and laugh at the irony of how that ended. The tears flow whenever I remember about him. The hurt, the pain, the regrets. I should have just killed him and barbecued his ribs for dinner. James and I would never be one. Why? Since he slept with one of my friends the year before, I couldn’t get my mind to forgive the man. He said he was sorry but it was too late. I’m not one for second chances.

They would play ‘sexual healing’ and it would take me back to all my secret rendezvous with my fiancé’s home boy in the same bed and how he would make love to me. The kissing, the holding, his caresses were amazing but not as good. He was not James. Call it revenge, my comeback, I didn’t give a care in the world. I did it out of spite because I could not stand James but hey, his friend knew all the right buttons to push, all the places to touch, all the parts to please; and it was more than I had bargained for. He had become my new addiction, my drug.  Every song they played took me back to a significant period in my life. 


Back to the bar, all the waitresses had matching red and black uniforms. The girls wore red dresses that barely left anything for the imagination and black pumps. I still wonder how they manage to walk in those weird tiny shoes all night and have functioning toes at the end of their shift. The men wore black shirts that matched with their trousers and shoes and red sweaters. If you asked me, they should lose the shirts and sweaters and show off their toned bodies in nothing but vests in suspenders. After all, a little eye candy never hurt anyone.

I had the perfect view of everyone at the bar. I could see a young girl in front of me who had heavy poorly done make-up and a shaggy synthetic weave. I felt sorry for the old man in his 60s who that was trying so hard to look cool and caressing her thigh in a possessive manner. An easy prey for a moment’s pleasure, I thought. If she was wise, she would have taken the opportunity when it presented itself. I then kept to myself and went back to sipping my whisky. I was starting to get tipsy and my patience was running low because the phone was not ringing.

‘Mind if I join you?’

He had a raspy voice that immediately captured my attention. I studied him and immediately loved what I saw. He had a well-defined jaw-line and bushy eye brows that hid his dark captivating eyes. One look and they would suck you into his world, hypnotized by his candor. On another human they would look weird but for some reason it worked for him and his chocolate complexion looked edible. This girl was already salivating and thinking of the things she could do to him.

I smirked.

He had a very simple white shirt, blue jeans and a fitting sweater that perfectly showed off his firm arm muscles and thighs and his shoe game was amazing. He wasn’t trying too hard with his dressing but this girl recognizes the smell of money even in her sleep. Mr Krabs aint got nothing on me. (Think Spongebob)

I nodded for him to seat and I could immediately see the victory dance from his eyes. He was a smooth talker telling me of his life in Madagascar and how I should accompany him. We chatted the night away and he was just captivating and I felt too drawn to this stranger.

Fast forward to 8 months, I am begging for my dear life in the hands of this man. I should have run very fast the minute he said hello but karma is a bitch and I feel like life is getting back at me for what I almost did to James. The bedroom is white and here I am with both my legs and hands tied lying naked on the wooden floor writhing in pain from the blows he gladly gave me. I lay there hesitantly pleading with him to remember all the good times we had. The pain is excruciating.

‘The games end here Lola, I am going to kill you and dispose your body in such a way no one will ever recognize you and poof! You will be forgotten!’ he said and made an evil chuckle.

There was no way I could save myself and of all punishments life could have awarded me, I fell in love with a serial killer and I am just another pawn and he is going to end my life. I have so much to do and my mind is racing fast. How I’m I going to save myself?

Think fast Lola, think! He is sharpening the knives getting ready to butcher you. He slashes my thigh and I can see and feel the warm blood flowing and now I am frozen with fear. It is just the beginning, he says. It will be a slow death: Slow but painful. I am scared.

I can’t die like this. Isn’t there someone? Anyone?

Just like that, the door swung open, with it a gust of the wind blew into the room brushing against my naked body. Fresh air in the room and in my lungs. A breathe of hope. Salvation. In the distance, stood James, a figure by the doorway. In an instance he lunged at my attacker with such brute force I screamed. A fight ensued and I struggled to do the only thing on my mind. Run. I worked on my binds and in a quick and violent tug I was finally free of one hand. I untied my limbs but as soon as I stood up, I was shoved to the ground. Darkness.

“Lola! Please don’t die!” a wailing James whispered in my ear as I came to. I don’t know if it was the knock on my head or the fact he was there, but I knew I had never stopped loving this man. And I knew he loved me. He came for me. It seemed like something straight from a story book. I opened my eyes and slowly wiped his tears from his face.

“Don’t cry. I’m here.”

Thanks to Andy for reworking and fixing this piece to the perfect story. 😄

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