Her normal 2


The silence is too loud… i can hear myself breath. Not that there  is much to breath anyway because  I am suffocating. Sick to my stomach and I just want to throw up.
I can see him stealing quick glances wondering  what  is going on in my head. ‘Have you been to this area before?’ He asks with the aim to create conversation.  For all I know the drive to his place has taken over an hour and I just want to get over and done with so that I can go wash away my sins.
I try to look at the  surroundings so that I can atleast catch a glimpse of where we are. I don’t answer simply because I don’t like getting  too close with my clients.. after all it’s just business.
I study his body language as he drives and truthfully  he seems very calm. He has a scar on his left cheek, not too big not too noticeable. It actually  makes him  look dashing. He has smooth chocolate skin and scattered beards on his face which  automatically  on another person would give them a caveman look. His however make him seem like an angel sent from above. I have to say I  wonder what a man like him would be doing  at the streets picking up night walkers.
‘None of your business,’ I whisper to myself..
He pulls over at some fancy house and my inner self can’t help but dance with joy since i actually  hit the jackpot..
He welcomes me inside after a few pleasantries with the gate keeper who seemed more than dazed to see me. He doesn’t  ask questions anyway.
‘I can tell you haven’t  had anything to eat. Try to make yourself comfortable as I prepare something for you. I am Ivan btw.’
I remain silent as I sit on the luxurious black leather sofa. They are so comfortable and smell expensive, the kind that i would  want for myself if I had a  different life. Sitting on them is literally making my whole body itch as I have to adjust my posture several times and i can’t seem to feel at ease. I survey the room and i can hardly see any sentimental  pictures.I conclude that he is a man who loves his privacy. A huge portrait hang on the wall catches my attention.It is  overlooking the rest of the living area. Looking at it makes me instantly depressed, It changes my mood completely. On it is a naked girl who’s body has open wounds like those of someone who has been whipped and abandoned to die. Her face has been divided into two with the left side black and white and the right side has some colour. She has big wide eyes that make you want to know her and her story. The left side of her face looks lifeless, her eye looks sad and the smile is forced and the right side looks innocent and lively and free from the corruption of the universe. On her head is a tiara that has thorns embroidered all over it. The whole portrait sends chills through my entire body.It’s  as if I can relate to the potrait and that makes me more depressed. Why would one have such a portrait as the centrepiece  of his living room?
I  hear footsteps coming towards me and I guess he’s done. Quickly I adjust my dress and pull it up to a point where you can almost see my money maker. I put in a lot of effort today. I have worn a very short red silk dress that hugs my body tightly in such a way that you can see every curve and corner of my body. My  cleavage is out and i think to myself; This is the kind of scenario  they sing about when they say, “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”My matching pair of lingerie screams am ready  to please.I smile thinking to myself of how Ivan has no idea of what he has gotten himself  into. He is up for a treat today; even I would fall for all this if I were a man. I  check if my lipstick is okay and my lips are as juicy as ever.
He’s getting closer, I can smell his strong cologne from miles away. I cross my legs in a very seductive and inviting manner  showing off my long sexy legs and thick thighs so that when he walks into the room, his mind will be blown away completely.
He enters the room and immediately you would expect him to be awed by my glorious presence but all i can see is a calm expession on his face with zero betraying facial emotions. Slowly but calmly he places the food on the wooden dining table and looks at me in a dismissive way that shows no interest and invites me to join him for dinner.
I strut towards his dinning table.Sushi is served and i must say it smells  heavenLy. My appetite however is gone. Why would he be so oblivious of his surroundings?I sit in silence and watch him eat.I must say he is a man with a hungry appetite.My mind drifts again.Maybe i am not as appealing  as i  earlier  thought.I’m probably not his type.I look up and find him staring at my cleavage intently.I smile at him and ask him if he is ready for dessert reffering  to myself.When did i get this comfortable with all this? He whisks me off to his bed.I am ready to show off my area of expertise.He starts to talk and I am honestly  getting bored.I need to go home.I never sleep in at any clients house.I stare blankly  into the ceiling and before i know it i hear Ivan snoring.What a night!

Acknowledgements to my bestie Maureen for helping me write this one 💕💕

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