I know this year I have not been fair

I made you hurt and despair

I don’t know why I could dare

I ponder as I stare

Stare into empty space and worry

Dear heart I am so sorry

I made decisions in a hurry

The times I let you down I can’t tally

Dear heart I’ve let you hit rock bottom

To points no man can fathom

A thousand years would never be enough to make it up to you

Dear heart, please forgive my stupidity

I promise to take care of you till infinity

I have learned my lessons the hard way

I should have never let you hurt

I am going to build walls no one can enter to bring you harm

 You come first and others follow

We will create a path so narrow

Dear heart, I will take care of you and restore your happiness

Dear heart, you will never hurt again

It will be okay and all this will never be in vain

You may be damaged now

But my lovely fragile heart I promise…


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