A lot of African stories are about animals and there is this one that I can’t really remember the characters that well since I read it when I was very small.  I’ll try narrate it still.
So there were three animals who were close friends. The hare is the one I’m sure about  I’ll take two other animals and they are the hyena and warthog. The three were inseparable and they would do everything together even take baths together in the river.
One day they all decided to go to the river and left their clothes at the river bank. The sun was shining beautifully, not too much or too little and what better way to spend the day than in the river. Here they’d talk about everything, current and past issues. 
In the process of all this, they realised that strangers were approaching and there was sudden panic as they were all afraid of being seen naked. Their clothes were too far  away from them and they couldn’t manage to dress in time before the strangers got to them. They decided to hide. Here is the part that fascinates me.  The hyena and warthog decided to hide their private parts *for lack of better words:-)*. This way they felt that they weren’t too exposed.  The hare on the other hand decided to hide his face. This way even though they saw his private parts they would never know who they belonged to. Well I think the hare was very smart.

On other news I’ve been listening to this amazing song by Don Ngatia. It’s called lonely for. It’s super dope.


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