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Where do broken hearts go? That’s the question he constantly asks himself . He sips his coffee staring into empty space. He’s become a walking robot, indifferent to every emotion known to man. He should be happy, after all he just got himself a new job and he is grateful with the unemployment rate in the country but he’s not jumping up and down. He feels so angry with the world and at himself.  The ache pierces his heart like a two edged sword. He watches the world around him move in slow motion but he feels out of place. He just doesn’t fit in the equation. He knows he is one of the few in the world with friends and family who love him oh so deeply but the love ain’t enough to fill the void in his heart.  If given a chance,  he would prefer to close his eyes and sleep forever.  He just want to be alone as much as enjoying his own company has become such a task. He knows that when he is alone no one can hurt him and in this state he finds closure, some sort of solace.2015-06-16-07-52-21-18495895

He used to read about heart breaks but little did he know this same fate was awaiting him. A heart that is shattered and broken into a million and one pieces And he has to mend his broken heart all by himself. They say you never know a broken heart until you have one and the sad fact is that he knows this way too well. He tries to force the tears from his eyes but it’s hopeless because since he was a small boy he was told that boys don’t cry. The tears from his heart however are immeasurable.  The tears of a broken heart never run dry. A heart that’s bleeding and that feels so betrayed and can never trust again. No one knows how unhappy he is and in all honesty no one cares. As much as he forces a smile to get through the day, it can’t cover the hurt that has now become his only friend.  Eventually he has to pick each and every one of the pieces of his broken heart but he doesn’t know where to start, where to go. It’s a sad reality but he has to soldier own and bring out the best version of himself with no ones help. He knows he is stronger than he looks and he knows that he has to stand on his own two feet and find his happiness, His real smile again. We wish him well.images-57

With love ♥ 

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