Dear Future Husband

IT’s almost midnight and I should be heading to sleep. It’s been a quiet slow day for me and All of a sudden thoughts of my beloved future husband flash my mind. I’ll be honest and admit I am not your average girl. The girl that sits to fantasise about her dream wedding and the whole marriage thing. However I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t want a man who completely loves and adores me.33a613d78a725bf08b3fb97409904d49_2

I visualise him.. an epitome of real beauty with a heart so kind and gentle. Dear future husband, I pray to the Almighty to keep you safe for me. I wonder how we will meet? Will it be love at first sight?  Will I be a damsel in distress and you’ll come to my rescue?  Have I met you already? 

My beloved, I need to enlighten you on a few things.  Firstly,  divorce is the last option for our conflicts and I hope we never tread that path. I’ll need us to fight by all means to keep the flame of our romance burning.  we’ll fight through the bad days to earn our best days.  I’ll want  you to appreciate me and not take me for granted.. in simple words.Screenshot_2015-04-21-23-20-28-1

Dear future husband,  I am a very independent lady. However I’ll need you to be the man of the house. You the boss and I the boss lady. Together we’ll have our empire. I’ll have your back and you mine. I’ll never let harm befall you. I’ll be your protector and you mine. I’m scared to love but the thought of you is entertaining and I know to win me over you must be a once in a lifetime kind of guy. I love you already.Thaka 20150405_094652

My future husband, I can cook and clean and I’ll get my sexy on and for us life will be an adventure. Right now I’m working hard to build my half of the empire and I know wherever you maybe.. you’re doing the same.  I  have no doubt that you’ll be a good father to our  beautiful children.  I have so much to tell you but i guess i have to hold my horses.Until we meet… stay safe♥♥ IMG_94082571531102

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